"Our strong relationships allow us to focus on our primary strength--highly personalized, results-driven service our clients have come to rely on."


Firm Overview

CP Capital is an integrated financial services company whose primary focus and reason for being is to develop and nurture long-term, highly personalized relationships with each and every investor. With a dedication to excellence and unrivaled flexibility and freedom, CP Capital’s offerings span from private clients, institutional investing, investment banking, insurance and card services.

Harold L. Connell

Dear valued and potential clients,

Imagine access to innovative financial partners who truly focus on you, your dreams…your life. Imagine an integrated financial services company that strives to understand the uniqueness of your investment goals. Welcome to CP Capital.

When I founded CP Capital, it was my goal to provide personalized, superior, financial services to every client. Today, we continue to do business differently at CP Capital. Our company’s primary focus, our reason for being, is to develop and nurture long-term, highly personalized relationships with each and every investor. Simply put, without you, there would be no us.

From our headquarters in the heart of the Brickell Financial District in Miami, Florida, CP Capital effectively serves clients throughout the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe. Our growth can be directly attributed to the flexible options we continue to offer, from stocks, bonds, and mutual funds as well as a multitude of other products. We do not hamper your diversification by offering only single brands or proprietary products. For our clients, this means access to all of the excellent investment options you would expect to find only in larger firms, coupled with complete freedom of choice.

This infinite variety of products and commitment to your success has placed CP Capital at the forefront of personal investing, creating strong, long-term client relationships unparalleled in the industry. How have we managed to grow so quickly and secure such a solid client base? By fostering one basic, yet crucial, tenet in everyone at CP Capital: we consider you family and treat you accordingly, with great respect and an unshakable commitment to achieving your financial objectives. Having grown up in this community myself, and coming from a long line of Floridians, I know the value of relationships based on earned trust and proven results. I am sure you’ll agree that, in today’s business world, a pledge like this is a rarity.

Every CP Capital employee shares my heartfelt belief that we are here solely to serve our clients. We look forward to partnering with you in reaching and exceeding your investment goals for many years to come.


Harold L. Connell
CP Capital, Chairman

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